with all this time at home, explore mindful eating with a baceae cannabis confection:

1. remove your confection out of the package and place it on a aesthetically simple plate.

2. observe the colors and the shape of your confection.

3. pick up the confection and feel the weight of it in between your fingers.

4. bring it close to the nose and smell the variety of aromas.

5. take your first bite slowly, allowing your teeth to pierce into the dark coated shell. as you bite down further into the chocolate, notice the change of texture and consistency.

6. as you continue to chew, notice how your mouth salivates, dispersing the flavors on the tongue and the inside corners of the mouth.

7. allow the chocolate to slowly melt away as you start to swallow before taking your next bite.

8. repeat step 5 through 7 until your confection has completely disappeared.

9. notice if there’s any overall calmness or changes in your body and mind in this next hour.

10. feel the bliss of cbd chocolate and rest in sweet satisfaction.

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