experience a delightful wine and chocolate pairing this spring! tolosa is one of our favorite local wineries. not only do they make some of the best wines in the area, but their wines are sustainably farmed and the winery itself is sustainability in practice (SIP) certified. since this 2017 pinot noir has notes of strawberry jam, graham cracker, red apple, blood orange and a floral note on the finish, we tried it with our strawberry bon bons, and it is delicious! artisanal wine and cbd chocolate never tasted so good.


creating the perfect pairing

wine and chocolate have a lot of similarities to each other. to start, they’re both considered aphrodisiacs and they both contain antioxidants. additionally, our organic, fair-trade certified dark chocolate contains polyphenols that act as a mirror to those found in wine and give both a somewhat bitter taste. those polyphenols are full of delicious health benefits and that distinctive bitterness in dark chocolate is what we’ll want to balance out with a properly selected wine pairing.

our strawberry bon bon pairs beautifully with the sweetness of tolosa’s pinot, making the two delightfully bright. are you wondering how to create your own perfect match? start with our 12 piece collection and your favorite wine and get tasting. 😉


wine and chocolate pairing

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