Nowadays more and more of us are conscious of where our ingredients come from, especially when they are imported. Coffee is one of those ingredients mainly imported because it prefers to be grown in climates with high altitudes in tropical regions near the Equator.
We knew when we came out with our newest coffee crunch edible, that along with our chocolate, our coffee must be fair trade too.
Knowing that our coffee crunch consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans that comes from Indonesia, South America and Africa, also comes with a greater ease in our minds that it’s farmed and distributed fairly too.
Fair trade certified coffee ensures the working conditions for coffee bean farmers are safe. It ensures that they have clean water, and shaded breaks especially on really hot, difficult days. It also ensures they make a sustainable income, are offered education and healthcare, and empowered to make their own choices that better their community in the long run. Along with farmers, Fair Trade also ensures the prohibition of using the most harmful chemicals and the protection of natural resources from the land.
Something to think about next time you’re enjoying our coffee crunch!
So where does your coffee come from?

coffee crunch

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