evidence of people choosing to avoid animal products can be traced back over 2,000 years. the benefits of a non-dairy vegetarian lifestyle influences our bodies, as much as the world around us. when eliminating the excess production of animal based materials, we are able to decrease our footprint on the earth. reducing global warming, saving large amounts of water, avoid further polluting of our rivers/lakes/oceans, reducing destruction of soil and wildlife is only scraping the surface of how veganism can heal the planet.

this beautiful, healing completely translates to our physical vessels in the form of health. a nutrient dense diet, veganism can help many of us find peace within our bodies by assisting in easing digestion, disease prevention and can gift a plethora of healthy bodily enhancements.

finding responsible choices for the way we create our edibles, baceae thrives off of using raw, naturally gluten free, vegan ingredients, along with sustainable packaging. everything is connected in this process towards sustainability and starts right here in the ingredients we use.

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