at baceae, the value of sustainability is at our core. when it comes to our packaging, we strive to source the most sustainable, earth-friendly products to store and ship our delicious confections. inside each box, you will find chlorine free, biodegradable wax paper cups to protect each chocolate piece. we refrain from using any plastic around our confections, and therefore reduce any plastic from going into our earth, ocean and even your body. please remember biodegradable doesn’t mean we can litter wherever we want. these wax paper cups can go directly into any designated commercial or home compost waste facility, or into proper waste bins.

cbd chocolate truffle value of sustainability

not only are is our confection packaging reflective of our value of sustainability, but so are our topical jars. most of the traditional colors used in glass packaging (clear, amber, blue and green) allow visible light to pass through and therefore don’t offer enough protection against decomposition processes induced by visible light. the special glass topical jars we use for our topicals are different from any other typical glass bottle because it offers a unique ability to maintain the properties of our topicals over an extended period while at the same time, permanently activating and energizing the ingredients, including cbd.

our violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part. this valuable light improves the quality of active substances in the jar, lengthening the durability and potency of our premium topicals without the addition of preservatives.

at the same time the topical jars allow a certain part to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of uv-a, and infra red light.  due to this special combination, sensitive materials stored in violet glass are highly protected against the processes of decomposition caused by light influences from the visible spectrum and gives it the added benefit of the positive effects that result from uv-a, and ir frequencies, which suppress microbial growth.  allowing us to use no preservatives and antimicrobial ingredients in our  products, while still maintaining freshness and potency.

topical jars; the value of sustainability



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