we here at baceae use fair trade ingredients whenever it is possible for our cbd confections. the chocolate we use, that makes up the main composition of all of our confections, is made by producers and businesses who adhere to strict labor, environmental, and ethical standards that prohibit slavery and child labor and ensure cocoa growers receive a steady income, regardless of volatile market prices.

we know that the value of our confections are more than what you would typically expect compared to buying a “regular” chocolate with cannabinoids inside, but if you can imagine, the money you spend to buy a baceae confection invests into a stream that goes back into communities of cocoa producers, resulting in life-transforming projects, such as building schools and other community development projects, the transparency in that investment hopefully encourages more worthiness of your dollars spent. plus, who knew supporting and empowering people for their hard earned time and energy could ever taste and feel so good?

it’s important for us to all recognize, to earn a fair trade certification, cocoa producers are audited against rigorous fair trade standards which cover four main pillars of sustainable development: income sustainability, empowerment, well-being, and environmental sustainability. when a company buys cocoa on fair trade terms, they pay at least the fair trade minimum price and an additional community development premium in addition to complying with the ethical trading practices that fair trade standards require.

so when you buy a baceae confection, please remember that you are supporting a market that values deep connections, shared goals, responsible business, conscious consumption, and sustainable livelihoods for producers and their families.

join us in supporting cocoa farmers from ecuador and the dominican republic where our cocoa beans come from, by eating a baceae chocolate today!

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