kids are “back to school,” and most of us are still feeling the sense of upheaval that 2020 abruptly brought to our attention throughout this year.

big sigh. wish we could say we’ve been handling this year gracefully, but everyday poses new emotions and duties that requires our kind attention.

now that school is back in session, we know there’s obviously more things to juggle for many parents.

to keep you (parents) relaxed and motivated, as well as still alert, now you can enjoy an adult version of a pb+j too!

since the potency in an edible is more apparent in your body, all you need is one serving to allow yourself to feel the calming effects of cbd.

just bringing you another alternative way to help you navigate the difficulties that back-to-school and autumn brings.🍁

wishing all parents a moment of pause today, as you take in the simple things that bring you joy in this seasonal shift.


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