with china no longer accepting our waste as of this past january, and our southern belt burdened by the accumulative harmful load of trash from this country, there’s a dire need to shift our perspective in the impact of our lifestyles. we know that politicians, larger institutions and corporations need to get involved but rather than just waiting around, we as individuals and small buisnesses can take part in adapting to this shift by practicing the fundamentals of zero waste, minimalism and/or by voting with you dollar supporting the businesses that put great attention and investment towards sustainable and non harmful products.

here at baceae, we put detailed care in practicing sustainability by developing with another local environmentally friendly company based out of irvine, ca, to come up with a 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard box that’s printed with water based inks. inside this box, we use wax compostable cups, and nest each cup in biodegradable food grade kraft paper. So when you purchase a baceae box, you can trust in the earnest attention put into, not only each chocolate, but each sustainable packaging box.
to properly dispose of your baceae box in the most sustainable way:

1. remove adhesive on edge of outside sleeve and put in trash, as this piece unfortunately can not be recycled.

2. reuse box for organizing or reuse sleeve as scratch paper and when finished, recycle both the box and sleeve.

3. compost the wax cups and kraft paper that come inside your box, in your backyard or other compost facilities. you may put them in the trash as your last resort knowing it will degrade a lot faster than the other multitude of plastic films that currently clog our waste system.

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