when we started baceae in 2016, it was important to us to not only deliver the highest quality cannabis hemp products but how we sustainability present and deliver our creations to you too.

that’s why we felt it was necessary to encase our cbd chocolates in a box that was locally made here in california that consisted of 100% recycled paper-board and printed with water based inks. this is so that we are not taking down new trees to make this box, nor using any toxic chemicals anywhere around the treats we make. the box is sturdy and strong enough to reuse for any of your random needs, or you can put it directly into the recycle bin with the box confection sleeve to recycle it.

inside each box, you may have also noticed our chlorine free, biodegradable wax paper to protect each chocolate piece. this is to refrain from using any plastic around our confections, as well as to keep any plastic from further going into our earth and ocean. please remember biodegradable doesn’t mean we can litter wherever we want. these wax papers can go directly into any designated commercial or home compost waste facility, or into proper waste bins.

outside of our box we’ve also wrapped it with a biodegradable shrink wrap called biolefin that has been developed to degrade in 1-4 years, instead of 1000 years with standard plastic!  it is an oxo-biodegradable product that will be broken down without any other external inputs other than what nature would inflict upon ‘set plastic item’ normally, such as uv radiation (sunlight), soil acidity and atmospheric conditions like temperature. nature breaks down biolefin the exact same way as nature would breakdown a leaf.

with our glass tincture bottles

we’ve tried to limit the packaging that we use. this is why we have deliberately chose not to cover our bottle with any additional box that will be thrown away anyways upon buying. if you choose not to reuse your tincture bottle, you can properly dispose of it, by taking the label off of the body of the bottle and putting it into a proper waste bin. soak the bottle in water with the calibrated dropper, then remove the glass dropper, the cap and the rubber. both the glass body and glass dropper can be infinitely recycled once cleaned. the cap screw and the rubber would need to be recycled separately.

with our uv glass topical jars

we’ve also tried to limit our packaging use and chose not to cover our jar with any additional box packaging. these jars can be easily reused once cleaned and is such a high quality glass jar, we encourage you to keep it. if reusing is not an option, you can simply remove the sticker labels from the jar, you may need some alcohol to completely remove the adhesive. clean out the jar, take the cap off of the jar, and recycle both separately.  remember glass is infinitely recyclable, but reusing is the first thing we all should be doing.

shipping boxes

we offer shipping directly to you and we know that can also add a lot of extra unwanted packaging in the world. to support our values of sustainability, all of our shipping boxes are made with 100% post consumer cardboard, ensuring no extra trees are cut down in order to get our products to you.

protective wrapping

instead of plastic bubble wrap for our glass items, we are using a ready to use roll of paper packaging wrap that is used to cushion, wrap, and protect our fragile items. the wrap is 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable.  this protective cushioning is the combination of die cut kraft paper and tissue interleaf paper.

we focus on sustainability with our ingredients in all of our products, we source organic and fair trade whenever available, so that we can ensure the ingredients from other countries is coming from an enriching environment of people receiving a fair wage, proper working conditions, as well as sustainable practices that take into account the nourishment of the land as a whole.

we believe sustainability is integral to be responsible in our actions and practices and are continually striving to be better. as a small company it certainly isn’t an easy or cheap endeavor, as it requires a lot of thought and attention. but this is something that’s been important to us from the beginning, because if we can’t do it at a small company scale, how can we expect larger companies to change and follow. the challenges we face forces us to think outside of ourselves, and allows us to grow in so many different ways. we know we aren’t perfect, but everyday is a chance for us to continually improve.

you are a big part of sustainability too! the impact of your buying actions makes a difference.
thank you for your support of baceae.

let’s relax and make the world better too.