along with our deep sleep tincture, try these helpful hints too:

increase your bright light exposure during the day. that means even if it’s foggy outside, underneath that layer of clouds, enjoy the 🌞. by basking in some natural sunlight, you help keep your circadian rhythm healthy.

reduce your electronic device use at night. that blue light coming from your phone tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime and reduces your natural melatonin levels which are the hormones that help you relax and get into a deep sleep.

end those daytime naps.

sleep and wake up at consistent times 7 days a week (this one can be hard on the weekends.) but by keeping your body’s circadian rhythm functioning on its set loop, it will align with sunrise and sunset and not affect your sleep patterns and levels of melatonin.

exercise, but not before bed. if you do before bed, it will only stimulate you and increase hormones like epinephrine and adrenaline.

avoid sugar before bed. by eating or drinking sugar (including wine!) late at night, it will overstimulate you and give you energy which will in turn get your brain and body ready for activity.

practice yin yoga before bed. by doing long held poses that focus on your lower body, you can release tension and avoid restless legs and other bodily aches and pains you notice more when you get settled into bed.

this is a hard one but take care of those worrisome thoughts by practicing mindfulness when you get into bed. when you start to see your mind ruminating, call yourself out. distinguish if these thoughts are necessary right now, and re-focus your attention on your bodily sensations or your breath. keep repeating each time this happens.

meditate. try 5-10 minutes before bed. each time you this, it will strengthen your mindful awareness.

if all else fails, use THC cannabis 🤗😴

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