like in our personal lives, we think it should be a base line to provide high quality ingredients in everything that is consumed/applied.

using solely certified organic ingredients ensures there are no synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes in any of our hand made products. by making our products all vegan, we can also share what we love doing to other various lifestyles, whom, like us, prefer not to inflict on animals and bees as much as possible. and by sourcing fair trade ingredients, especially with our dark chocolate and coconut oil that are the main ingredients we use most, it allows us to not only support and entrust other companies that have the same values and ethics as us, but we can also make sure everyone who puts their hard earned time and energy to create such amazing ingredients is treated well and valued with a fair wage to sustain healthy lifestyles.

if it weren’t for these guidelines we set upon ourselves, baceae would not be what it is today. whenever you purchase a baceae product, thank you for entrusting us in upholding our integrity of creating, what we feel, are the highest quality cbd products out there.

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