we’re thrilled to announce what we’ve been working on this summer — our new herbal tinctures!

meet our brand new blends: balance, focus, immune, libido, and moon cycle. we steep each blend in 100% organic olive oil for more than a month to attain the absolute highest concentration of health benefits.

we meticulously craft our cbd products to transform your health and wellness from routine to ritual.


at baceae, we’re constantly striving to maintain a healthy balance in almost all aspects of life. our balance tincture can help you to create that equilibrium within.

balance combines the power of broad-spectrum cannabis hemp with adaptogenic herbs. these herbs adapt their functions based on what your body needs most, and are known to gently increase your ability to combat some of life’s biggest offenders — stress, anxiety, fatigue and trauma.

looking for more harmony in your daily routine? balance creates a healthy in-between for when things feel a little too disjointed.


for those days you feel like the fog just won’t lift, we recommend our focus tincture for a more centered and clear-minded head space.

focus helps promote blood circulation within the central nervous system, improves overall brain development, and can enhance the important functions you sometimes need most.

use focus when you want to awaken your senses, open up your mind, and create a more productive environment.


staying healthy is at the forefront of all our minds, and nurturing a strong immune system is key to maintaining your physical well-being.

our immune tincture is a problem-solver when you’re feeling a little under the weather, while you’re traveling, or simply find yourself in susceptible environments. the powerful herbs in immune pack a punch — enhancing infection-fighting cells, increasing production of immune compounds that protect the body, and combating viruses that want to take over your healthiest cells.

here’s to keeping your body healthy one drop at a time.


change in sexual drive can be attributed to many different factors like hormonal imbalance, stress and fatigue, medication — just to name a few. our libido tincture helps to overcome these roadblocks to a vibrant sexual life and reignite diminished desires.

the dynamic combination of broad spectrum cannabis hemp and organic herbs can help boost vital energy levels, benefit long-term sexual and reproductive health, and kickstart short-term performance. learn to love your libido again with this powerful tincture.

moon cycle

traditionally, the keepers of herbal knowledge have always been female, so it’s no surprise that women have turned to nature to help relieve menstrual disorders since humans first nibbled on leaves.

monthly discomfort from menstruation cycles can surface in a number of ways, including a cluster of up to 150 different symptoms. from bloating to painful menstrual cramps and mood imbalance, the variety of organic herbs in moon cycle can help alleviate the most common ailments and provide a sense of long-lasting, full-body relief.

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