How to Clean, Reuse, & Upcycle Our Packaging

sustainability is part of the foundation in which we base all of our decisions at baceae. from our packaging to our ingredients— we seek out the most ethical, earth-friendly products to create and contain our creations. our motto is that what is good for mother earth, is good for us too! we’re happy to share our favorite tips and tricks on how to clean and upcycle our jars, bottles, and boxes to extend the life and usefulness of our packaging.

How to Clean Our Jars & Tincture Bottles

  1. peel off the label by hand. if it doesn’t come off easily, give it a soak in warm water to loosen it up.
  2. dismantle all parts of the container; remove lids or jars and take the glass piping off of the rubber dropper lid of the tincture bottle.
  3. fill a pot or large bowl with hot, soapy water, and place your container pieces inside.
  4. let soak for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. scrub each piece using mini-brushes, if possible.
  6. rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  7. if you wish to further sanitize the bottles and jars, you can put the clean jars, tincture bottles, and glass dropper pipettes (without the rubber) in a pot of distilled water and boil for 10 to 15 minutes. leave to air dry in a clean environment. **distilled water is not necessary, but since it does not contain minerals, it will help you avoid unsightly splotchy water marks.

Fun & Creative Ways to Reuse & Upcycle Our Packaging

  1. use them as mini flower vases. you can use a single tincture bottle for sleek décor or place several together to make a creative centerpiece.
  2. make an aromatic reed diffuser: fill your bottle with a light-scented carrier oil and essential oil blend of choice. then, insert reed sticks or bamboo skewers.
  3. create travel kit: bottle your toiletries, carrier oils, or vitamins to use on-the-go.
  4. boxes as drawer organizers: use our boxes to reorganize your junk drawer! stash all those little nick-nacks into nice, neat, and tidy little squares (with or without the lids).
  5. tealight candle holder: our topical jars make great candle holders, especially for parties or moments where you want many candles burning at one time.
  6. jewelry holder: our topical jars (both large and small!) are perfectly sized to store earrings, rings, and necklaces.

inspired by mountain rose herbs!

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