did you know along with cbd edibles, we make cbd topical’s too?

we here at baceae, offer two variations of 300 mg cbd organic vegan topical’s

our most popular is our relieve + recover butter, which is meant for troubled aches and pains that accumulate in your body. using carriers like coconut and castor oil, it allows for easy absorption into your skin to bring herbs like arnica, basil, frankincense, ginger, licorice, parsley, and willow bark into your muscles and joints, and absorb deep enough to target and reduce inflammation.

we also have a soothe + restore salve, for anyone who suffers from irritable surface skin. examples of people who could utilize this topical are people who work with their hands a lot, whether it be cooks, nurses, contractors, basically anyone who washes their hands enough where it strips away their natural oils. utilizing shea butter and vitamin e, this is a perfect way to replenish the moisture back into any itchy, dry, cracked skin. still a baceae team favorite with lovely scents like german chamomile, bergamot and eucalyptus!

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