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our sleep tincture contains herbs that contain both sedative and anti-anxiety effects relaxing the body and mind. especially after a long day of stimulation and energetic activity. sleep tincture not only encourages the quality of a deep rest, but it also allows you to fall asleep faster. best taken right before you get in bed as you start to draw yourself inward with mindful intention of a good night’s rest.

offering sleep tincture in 4 different potencies of broad spectrum cbd with 30 servings per bottle:

10 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
300 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

20 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
600 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

40 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
1200 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

80 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
2400 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

Use up to 2000 - 3900 points to purchase this product!
Use up to 2000 - 3900 points to purchase this product!

broad spectrum cannabidiol*^, catnip*^, chamomile flower*, hop flower*^, lavender flower*, lemon balm leaf*, olive oil*^, passionflower*, skullcap*^, st. john's wort*, valerian root*


*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada

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20 reviews for sleep

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  1. Stephen D. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product. Best solution I’ve found to insomnia. I highly recommend this specific product as well as the company in general. The support I’ve received from them has been exemplary.

  2. Megan G. (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous

    Helps me sleep

  4. Kim Ayrassian

  5. Gabriele Oogjen

  6. Janet Messineo

    i love the support from baceae. i got a personal note with great suggestions of things to do to help me sleep. this is the second bottle of sleep tincture so i know it works. a peaceful good nights sleep. thank you baceae

  7. Amanda K.

  8. Anonymous

    Tastes like chamomile! I usually hate the taste of these types of products; this one is different. Helps me get to sleep.

  9. Kimberly Dispenza

    I’ve been having trouble falling and staying asleep lately due to medication changes and stress, I took this the last couple nights and I slept through the night! I’m hopeful it can help me

  10. Anonymous

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