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inflame tincture is a lovely blend that is meant to relieve the imbalances of the body that is overcome by too much heat and stress. the herbs in inflame tincture are high in anti-inflammatory properties, sedative properties, and produce pain relieving properties.

offering inflame tincture in 4 different potencies of broad spectrum cbd with 30 servings per bottle:

10 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
300 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

20 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
600 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

40 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
1200 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

80 mg broad spectrum cbd/serving
2400 mg broad spectrum cbd/bottle

Use up to 2000 - 3900 points to purchase this product!
Use up to 2000 - 3900 points to purchase this product!

basil leaf*, boswellia tear*, broad spectrum cannabis hemp*^, cinnamon*┬░, ginger root*, licorice root*, olive oil*^, parsley leaf*, rosemary leaf*, turmeric*, white willow bark*


*organic | ┬░fair trade | ^usa/canada

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22 reviews for inflame

Based on 22 reviews
  1. Kim Ayrassian

  2. Anonymous

  3. Deborah D.

  4. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this product! I like to take it before bed. Helps in muscle recovery and helps me sleep better!

  5. Deborah Dickerson

  6. Deborah Dickerson

  7. Deborah Dickerson

  8. Lynn Mackey

    fantastic product for inflamation!

  9. Deborah Dickerson

  10. TeamMurray

    My husbands doctor recommended that he get a Baclophen pump surgically implanted in his back so that medicine could be injected directly into his spinal cord for pain and spasms.. I decided to try a less invasive treatment and bought some of this tincture. I can say his pain is still there but he says its now a 3-4 out of 10 instead of a 8-9. I am very pleased and will be purchasing again.

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