bare cbg


bare cbg infuses pure organic cannabigerol in cooc certified organic olive oil. cbg is called “the mother of all cannabinoids” for good reason as all cannabinoids start as cbg and through age and heat, transform into the better known cannabinoids like cbd and thc.

cbg provides an uplifting & energizing effect which promotes focus and mental clarity, improves mood, relieves anxiety, supports a healthy stress response—all without the sedation that can sometimes be caused by cbd. cannabigerol has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial internally as well as used topically to soothe aches & pains, as well as skin ailments.

our bare cbg can be used both internally and externally—and is safe and affective for both humans and animals. there’s no better way to care for yourself and your beloved pet than to share the nourishing properties of bare cbg.

offering bare cbg in 4 different potencies of pure cbg with 30 servings per bottle:

10 mg pure cbg/serving
300 mg pure cbg/bottle

20 mg pure cbg/serving
600 mg pure cbg/bottle

40 mg pure cbg/serving
1200 mg pure cbg/bottle

80 mg pure cbg/serving
2400 mg pure cbg/bottle


Use up to 1800 - 3700 points to purchase this product!
Use up to 1800 - 3700 points to purchase this product!

cannabigerol isolate*^, olive oil*^


*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada

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