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    baceae case bundles 4 piece cbd confection box

    case bundle

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    enjoy a certain confection, tincture or topical?  stock up on your favorites with a case of 10 and enjoy a 25% discount.
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    baceae cbd confection tincture topical bundle
    our top 5 most popular confection flavors.  an easy way to get started with our confections, if you are new, or to simply enjoy the confections that are most enjoyed by others.
  • whether it’s a cramp in the neck, back pain, soreness in your legs, or arthritic pain in your hands, our relieve + recover body butter is meant for anyone trying to alleviate common physical tensions we accumulate throughout our day. if you are looking for a topical to relieve your inflamed muscle aches and arthritic joint pains, then our relieve + recover body butter is for you. available in both scented with our special blend of essential oils or unscented for those looking for more simplicity.
  • our shine + seal lip balm not only replenishes the moisture in your lips, but to also locks that moisture in, meaning less reapplication, and more hours in the day with healthy, lubricated lips. cbd combined with calendula flowers provide anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties, keeping one of the most vulnerable parts of the body at its best.   2 mg broad spectrum cbd per 1/8 tsp 40 mg broad spectrum cbd per jar
  • our deeply indulgent and therapeutic release + connect massage & body oil is a blend of broad-spectrum cannabis cbd and soothing, certified-organic carrier oils to relax tense muscles, moisturize dry skin, and bring balance to the body and mind. we designed release + connect massage & body oil to promote healing and calm from within, including ingredients like castor oil to soothe inflammation, coconut oil to refresh and restore moisture, and avocado oil to deliver powerful nutrients. our effective, relaxing body oil can be used solo or shared with a significant other for a synergistic take on pain relief and to elevate moments of relaxation. release + connect massage & body oil is deeply hydrating while providing full-body rejuvenation. we hand-picked each ingredient for their superstar soothing properties — all the more reason to incorporate a sensual massage routine with your partner to promote peace of mind and enhance your relationship through touch.
  • cbg skin salve
    do you have dry, flaky, itchy skin? soothe + restore cbg + cbd skin salve will give you the relief you’ve been looking for. our new and improved recipe now includes a 1:1 ratio of cbd and cbg, further elevating it’s moisturizing and healing properties. cbg is the cannabinoid highest in antioxidant properties which helps to protect the skin from causes of premature aging. additionally, cbg is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory, making it helpful for alleviating skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and acne. cbd also contains anti-inflammatory properties, but has the added benefit of regulating oil production, and is incredibly hydrating. our soothe + restore cbg + cbd skin salve combines cbd, cbg, nourishing oils, and healing herbs such as shea butter, coconut oil, calendula flower, and nettle leaf. this salve will nourish and soothe even the most irritated skin. gently massage soothe + restore cbg + cbd skin salve to any areas of your body—face, hands, or even feet— to restore and replenish your skin back to its soft and supple health.


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