the pecan is a nut from a species of hickory tress found in northern mexico and in the southern united states. its rich and buttery flavor make it a favorite in desserts, appetizers, and entrees. not only does the pecan taste delicious, but it’s also packed full of vitamins and minerals. delicious and functional? yes please!

the name “pecan” came from the native american tribe algonquin’s word “pacane” which means “nuts requiring a stone to crack.” native americans cultivated wild pecans both for the nutritious nut as well as for the tree’s lumber. they also used pecans to make a fermented drink called “powcohicora.”

in the late 1700s both george washington and thomas jefferson cultivated pecan trees. in 1822, abner landrum, a man from south carolina discovered a new pecan budding technique which allowed pecan plants to combine with an existing growing wild plant through grafting, which created an even better nut. pecans have been an american culture and kitchens ever since.

Turtles being made showing pecan

in addition to being full of history, pecans are naturally cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and low in carbs. raw pecans are full of protein, healthy fats, and fiber which makes their buttery flavor perfect for a healthy, satisfying and guilt-free snack. they are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium which help to lower blood pressure. additionally, the majority of the fats found in this powerful nut are monounsaturated fat, which is most nutritious. studies show that eating monounsaturated fats can help lower levels of bad cholesterol which improves overall heart health.

because pecans have a very low glycemic index, they don’t cause a spike in blood sugar and can even offset the effects of high glycemic index foods when eaten together. pecans are full of omega-3 fats, vitamin a, and vitamin e which help to reduce inflammation in the body and supports the immune system. zinc and folate are key minerals found in pecans which support immune function as well as cell growth, brain function, and promote wound healing. based on the usda ranking of over 100 foods based on antioxidant levels, pecans made the top 20.

at baceae, we are big fans of nutritious, ethically sourced ingredients— and our chocolate turtle is no exception. that’s why our chocolate turtle is made with organic, usa-grown pecans. our turtle is a delicious treat you can feel good about.


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