it’s no secret that getting up early isn’t for everyone. with the days getting shorter and time changing quickly closing in on us, repeatedly hitting the snooze button has become more routine than rare. and while it can be a tough transition to an early riser, waking up early has many physical and mental health benefits.

wondering where to start? here are some of our simple tips:

regulating your sleep schedule

start small

normally up at 8? set your alarm to 7:50. adjusting your alarm clock in small increments can help you build up a routine and gets your body used to getting up earlier. it’s much easier to start with just a few minutes than to drastically jump up to an hour or two.

find a reason

it certainly feels like there aren’t enough hours in one day to accomplish all the tasks we want to. this gives you the perfect opportunity to squeeze in something productive that you love to do. whether it’s meditation, exercise, or making a healthy breakfast, a mental motivation makes it more likely to get up and go.

early to bed, early to rise

while it seems like a new sleep routine starts with the morning, it all starts with bedtime. your circadian rhythm is important, and you’re more likely to get to all four stages of the sleep cycle by consistently going to bed and waking up early.

if you’re someone who tosses and turns, we recommend incorporating an herbal cbd tincture like sleep into your nighttime routine to help you drift off and improve your quality of sleep. our sleep blend contains herbs like chamomile, lavender, and skullcap that soothe stress and anxiety and relax the body and mind, improving quality of sleep and allowing you to fall asleep faster.

what are some health benefits?

there are several physical and mental benefits to waking up early, but here are some of our favorites:


  • you’re less likely to skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day. breakfast boosts your energy and metabolism and replenishes the blood sugar your body needs for physical and cognitive function
  • a regular sleep schedule gives your skin the routine time it needs to rest and replenish. it also allows you to establish a regular morning skincare routine


  • more time to focus on important tasks, alertness, and clear-headed thinking can create an increase in productivity
  • sleep directly affects your mood, and studies show that going to bed earlier lowers the risk of depression

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