we know most people might not think of much when eating a piece of chocolate, but we here at baceae, strive to utilize mindfulness in every little thing we make and craft.

mindfulness is a state of active, open attention to the present. so in every little simple task we do, we put our entire mind, concentrating deeply, carrying out each task intentionally and completely. when we are mindful, we can connect with not only what is happening in front of us, but at the same time also connect with what we have completed, and how our actions will affect the future of people who will eventually come into contact with our creations. we believe, if we consciously think about the ingredients we choose, their preparation, and the way we cook them, it can contribute towards the development of mindfulness that brings a profound meaningfulness and quality in our work. our hope is to extend that perception and very special experience to those who receive and eat them.

in the wise words of thich nhat hanh, may every single one of our baceae confections be a reminder of our effort to continually instill “artful awareness.” and next time you see a baceae product, please enjoy the mindful, caring and loving experience put into each creation.

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