sexual drive is a complicated thing, especially as we age. even more so as a woman experiencing a major life event: menopause.

the journey from peri- to post-menopause is a topic that is often avoided altogether. it’s a subject that many don’t feel comfortable discussing or may not know much about, though it’s a life event that all women experience (barring any preventative medical procedures).

peri-and-post menopause comes with a multitude of different symptoms, including hot flashes, insomnia, mood imbalances and more. and while menopause is different for every woman, one symptom in particular that many experience is a drastic drop in their sexual drive.

diminishing levels of desire and sexual hormones (estrogen) can all contribute to a lackluster libido, which can be challenging both individually and in the bedroom. and unfortunately, without regular boosts of estrogen, naturally getting back in touch with your sexual desire can be a little tricky.

while some conventional treatments like medication and hormone therapy are always an option, it’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution and may lead to further roadblocks when it comes to sexual well-being. as a result, more and more women are turning to a more natural and holistic solution to help curb menopausal symptoms and kickstart their sex drive — and it starts with cannabis.

so, why are cannabinoids notorious for spicing things up?

cbd is a powerful tool for anxiety relief, pain management and relaxation and, as it turns out, the libido. the natural compounds in cannabis relax blood vessels, which allows for more blood flow, and helps to soothe any inflammation and feelings of discomfort or pain and allows muscles to relax. in fact, this 2017 study shows that cannabis can activate the part of your brain that controls erotic stimuli.

the broad-spectrum cannabis-based hemp and powerful plants present in our libido tincture can help regulate the body while also addressing some of the emotional aspects of menopause — stress, anxiety and irritability — and allow you to feel more calm, centered and present in the moment.

herbs like horny goat weed, tribulus fruit and muira pama combined with the relaxing effects of broad-spectrum hemp lend aphrodisiac-like qualities that can improve libido levels, enhance sexual functions and manage stress and pain.

menopause is an important time to observe the many changes happening in your body and in your environment, so it makes sense that more women are turning to the plant-based power of cannabis hemp during menopause.

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