did you know most olive oil you buy at the store isn’t actually the olive oil you had intended to buy? according to a 2013 government report, the us has one of the highest demands for olive oil consumption, and because of this, it’s common for manufacturers to dilute real extra-virgin olive oil with less expensive oils, like soybean or sunflower oil.

luckily, there is a way to avoid this, which is to buy your olive oil with the cooc seal denoting approval by the california olive oil council, @californiaevoo.

if you are one who enjoys our olive oil herbal cbd tinctures, then rest assured, the olive oil we use has the cooc certification to ensure what you are getting is real organic extra virgin olive oil, with all of it’s amazing benefits, all grown, harvested and milled right here in california.

to ensure the highest quality, the olive oil we use is from a small family owned / operated grove that was established in 1983, on the fertile land of colusa and glenn county. achieving the highest quality organic evoo that we are honored to provide as part of your cannabis hemp consumption.

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