now a days, we all could use more for less.

we are now offering your favorite cannabis hemp olive oil tincture in higher potencies in the same 1 oz size. receiving a lower cost per mg as the potency gets higher.

all 5 of our herbal tinctures as well as our non-herbal bare tincture are now available in 4 potency options. 300 mg of hemp extract per bottle with 10 mg per one full dropper (1 ml), 600 mg with 20 mg per full dropper, 1200 mg with 40 mg per full dropper and 2400 mg with 80 mg per full dropper. all with 30 servings per bottle, providing at least a month supply if taken daily.

every order comes with free shipping, so we can bring cannabis hemp directly to you. stay inside, stay safe, stay calm.


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