Today is the Summer Solstice, the pinnacle of light, as the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Light exposes what’s been hiding in the shadows, uncovering the imbalance and inequity, full of difficult, uncomfortable feelings, and emotions.

But when light shines bright upon us, it ignites the paternal energy in us all, which can be strongly used, to stand up and protect those harmed, killed, disrespected and neglected.

With light, radiating from our hearts, we can confront the darkness, to witness our own fears, our own judgements, and conditioned thought patterns.

This is the moment the power is in our hands to change culture. So together, let’s observe our implicit biases, the ingrained attitudes/stereotypes that controls how we perceive and behave in this world.

It’s a life’s work of undoing, but together, it’s the only compassionate way forward.

We do this work together, listening, communicating, supporting and thus, transmuting, into this new and evolved era of human civilization.

With light, allow and witness the spectrum of color and beautiful nuance that is here 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽and remember, nothing will change if we stay blurred in the saturation of ignorance and colorblindness, left hidden within our subconscious.

Many Summer Solstice blessings.✨🌞

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