Uncertainty, is one of the most challenging emotions. It’s as if you’re standing in front of a billion paths, and where you go is mostly determined by forces out of your control. We’ve spent most of our lives building blocks of stability and normalcy to maintain our comfort of survival, but when taken out of our “norm” trance, we’re stunned, and awakened by the wild, random, incomprehensible nature of our basic livelihood.

Today, is the Spring Equinox, known for a time of rebirth and growth. Symbolized by a day filled with equal lightness and darkness, it’s a time to restore balance in our lives and the Mother Earth that birthed us into form. Imperative for this time of year to eat the gifts of lighter and brighter foods, by nourishing the body and brain with lots of greens, fresh fruit, omega 3s, fiber and water. These next couple days and weeks will continue to require our most skillful, optimal functioning actions and thoughts, so it helps to witness and remember the areas in our lives where we do have more control. 👁

Observe the tendency to lean into comfort during this time. And with objective awareness, ask yourself if this action is healthy or unhealthy, skillful or unskillful…will it serve in the underlying, unsatisfied longing?

Let go of the judgment, and explore more of honesty, transparency, and compassion. Let’s continue to watch and asses what is continually unfolding.

Spring Equinox blessings 🌿🌎🌏🌍🌱🌞

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