august 8 is national cbd day. this is a special day to recognize and celebrate the many benefits of cbd and how they have helped people from around the world… hopefully you too.

if you’d like to celebrate with us, this weekend is your chance to try some new cbd options or enjoy your favorites, with some special presents and some new offerings.

no matter what your favorite cbd method is, we hope you can celebrate with these presents starting today until sunday, august 9th at midnight.

get 1 summer collection with every order containing confections.

get a travel size of our new unscented body butter with every order containing topicals.

potency boost on all tinctures. we will increase any tincture you order to the next potency size up. order 300 mg, get 600 mg. order 600 mg, get 1200 mg. order 1200 mg, get 2400 mg. order 2400 mg, get two 2400 mg.

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