it’s time to say sweet goodbye to another delicious baceae confection: the pb&j patty. 😢 but don’t be too sad, because we’re now offering it as part of our buy one get another half off sale!

until supplies last, for every pb&j patty you purchase, receive a 2nd one 1/2 off! plus feel free to mix and match it with a chocolate tart or classic collection, and you’ll still receive the 1/2 off discount for every one purchased at full price.

our pb&j patty is a grown-up re-imagining of the classic pb&j. but dipped in chocolate. and with 20 mg of broad spectrum cbd. delicious, nostalgic, and relaxing all in one delightful little package. 😋

the pb&j patty combines creamy peanut butter with freeze dried raspberries and strawberries, mixed into a hearty flax center. coated in dark chocolate and topped with more berries, your tastebuds are in for a treat on this new take of a “classic”.

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