some of you may have noticed by now, a thin, transparent shrink wrap around our baceae boxes. although not the most visually appealing, it helps our products remain both fresh and sustainable.

since sustainability is still an integral part of our mission of creating conscious products, this shrink wrap was carefully sourced for quite some time. this biodegradable wrap is called biolefin and has the ability to degrade within 1-4 years, in comparison to the 1000 years standard plastic film takes to degrade.

biolefin is formulated to be totally degradable in the enviroment. when properly disposed, the effects of light and heat, fragments and oxidizes the shrink wrap. it then becomes assimilated by soil micro-organisms, and eventually disappears, leaving only water, carbon dioxide and biomass. in the simplest terms, nature breaks down biolefin the exact same way as nature would break down a leaf.

as a reminder, just because it is biodegradable, doesn’t mean we can toss it anywhere. make sure to dispose of it properly into any waste receptacle, or in your own home compost pile. we are so happy to be able to provide biodegradable packaging without jeopardizing the quality of our confections. as the future of cannabis and cbd products progress, our goal is to continually push the boundaries and improve the standard of high-quality sustainable cannabis conscious products.

hope you’ll continue to support us in this endeavor by enjoying our fresh and sustainable, hand-crafted, made with love, cannabis confections!

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