if you’ve ever seen our baceae, cannabis confections logo, you’ll notice 3 seeds below our brand name. one of those seeds is the coconut seed because we incorporate coconut oil in all of our cbd confections.

since high quality ingredients is a huge priority for us, when we initially sourced our coconut oil, we were sure we only wanted to use fair trade and organically grown coconuts.

by partnering with people who own and operate in the world’s most prominent source of certified fair trade and organic virgin coconut oil in the heart of sri lanka’s coconut triangle, we get to support well established projects that impact over 1000 farmers and staff by giving fair wages, good working conditions and agricultural training. through projects like the fair trade fund, we strengthen the ability for community-led projects to improve health, sanitation, education and infrastructure.

we have so much gratitude for the coconut trees of sri lanka and the people who cultivate them. thank you Dr Bronner for leading the way, you consistently prove business can be operated in both socially responsible and environmentally sustainable ways.

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