let’s be real, with the stress of our current circumstances, it’s been hard to carve out time to pamper ourselves, let alone, take time to actually relax.

but if we don’t make time to de-stress and enjoy ourselves a little during these chaotic times, we’ll just be running on empty. you know when you’ve reached your limit, when you’re more reactive than usual, feel weighted or burdened, or leaning on to unhealthy addictive behaviors. it’s worth noting if our actions are becoming counterintuitive rather than productive.

in these instances, why not dedicate just one day to completely and healthfully detach from all your obligations and stressors of the world and give yourself the well deserved self-care that’s needed? it may not directly solve your biggest challenges but at least you can better equip yourself with renewed energy and resilience to better handle the inevitable difficulties.

what have you got to lose, but stress itself? this weekend, we challenge you to dedicate one day, to complete relaxation. if you need some guidance or inspiration we’ve made a guide below.

our guide to the art of relaxing

with a little help from our offerings


  • wake up naturally without an alarm.
  • engage in a morning meditation, seated or in a comfortable restorative yoga posture like baddha konasana or legs propped up the wall.
  • make a cup of tea or coffee and add a full dropper full of happy tincture. sip it slowly somewhere where you can enjoy the sun.
  • go for a physical distancing walk or do a slow hatha yoga practice using the many options of youtube yoga videos.
  • make a green smoothie or keep it simple with making and enjoying a celery juice to cleanse your system.
  • shower, and afterwards, line the floor with a dry towel and give yourself a long body massage with our cbd body butter.

  • for lunch, make a berry + nut chia seed pudding bowl. pair it with a cbd infused iced tea with our calm tincture.
  • take some time to digest and self reflect. try journaling or expressing yourself by drawing and/or creating anything that inspires you.
  • read a book, or a magazine. try to stay away from the news for just 1 day!
  • sun bathe by the window or if you can, outside. make sure to wear sunscreen.
  • listen to music that’s boosts your mood, and dance or move however you want! if you’re inside, try dancing naked, no ones watching!

  • enjoy a snack before dinner with a cbd granola bar.
  • take a long bath while listening to some sweet jams and giving yourself a coffee body scrub
  • put on your most comfy pjs.
  • light candles and an incense/oil diffuser and keep those sweet jams playing.
  • give yourself a natural mani-pedi.
  • steam your face over a pot of herbal hot water. or, dampen a washcloth and throw it in the microwave for 30 secs to heat up and place it on your face.
  • give yourself a facial mask and finish by massaging your temples and jaw line with our skin salve.
  • make a simple dinner. something easy and satisfying.

  • after dinner, enjoy a 40mg cbd raspberry fudge for dessert with a small glass of red wine.
  • brew a hot cup of sleep herbal tea, like chamomile and combine it with our muscle rest tincture.
  • get into bed, massage your lower belly or shoulders/neck, and start to drift off to sleep while bringing in some gratitude for giving yourself the gift of this day.

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