our deep collection cbd tinctures are specially designed with a specific blend of herbs complimented by broad spectrum cbd and either cannabinol or cannabigerol. deep sleep and deep focus harness the power of herbs and cbd to create an elevated cannabis experience.

our deep collection cbd tinctures are available in 4 potency options of broad spectrum cannabinoids:
10 mg/serving x 30 | 300 mg cannabinoids total
20 mg/serving x 30 | 600 mg cannabinoids total
40 mg/serving x 30 | 1200 mg cannabinoids total
80 mg/serving x 30 | 2400 mg cannabinoids total

*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada

deep focus
cbg + cbd

in this tincture, pure cbg is infused in a 1:1 ratio with broad spectrum cbd, along with our special blend of organic herbs and mushrooms chosen for their ability to boost memory, concentration, focus, and attention span. our deep focus cbd+cbg tincture combines the stress and pain reducing properties of broad spectrum cbd with the “mother of all cannabinoids,” cbg to create a uniquely energizing and uplifting blend.


ashwagandha root* | bacopa leaf* | broad spectrum cannabidiol*^ | cannabigerol isolate*^ | eleuthero root* | ginkgo biloba leaf* | gotu kola* | lion’s mane extract* | olive oil*^ | rosemary leaf* | sage leaf* | skullcap*^

deep sleep
cbn + cbd

in this tincture, cannabinol is infused in a 1:1 ratio with broad spectrum cbd, with our special blend of herbs chosen for their deeply sedative and pain relieving properties. not only does deep sleep cbd + cbn tincture help provide even more sedation than cbd, but it also reduces pain and inflammation in the body, even more so when paired with broad spectrum cbd.


broad spectrum cannabidiol*^ | cannabinol isolate*^ | catnip*^, chamomile flower* | hop flower*^ | lavender flower* | lemon balm leaf* | olive oil*^ | passionflower* | skullcap*^ | st. john’s wort* | valerian root*

the components in cannabis offers its benefits in a variety of ways. utilizing the entourage effect, the herbs combined with broad spectrum cbd can provide a specific experience towards areas you want to focus on. combining this blend with organic & cooc certified olive oil, we are able to provide one of the healthiest and most powerful way to consume these plants.