at baceae, we love our pets. mealtime is an act of love and nurturing for our animal friends— a way to connect and show them that we care. our very own miho, co-owner of baceae, shares her special diy dog food recipe that she makes for our canine ceo, kumi! just like our delicious chocolates, this is no ordinary dog food recipe and is, of course, infused with cbd and lots of love!

why give your pet cannabidiol? our bare tinctures are infused with pure organic hemp cbd in organic olive oil from northern california to provide long lasting, full body & mind relief. bare cbd is our purest broad spectrum cbd tincture, allowing for the most safe and economical way for you to give to your pet or yourself. there is no better way to bond, than to share the healing and relaxing benefits of broad spectrum cbd with your best furry friend.

bare cbd tincture is made with pure, cbd-infused organic olive oil. this tincture provides relief from anxiety, stress, alleviates pain, and promotes feelings of well being and calm. safe and effective for both humans and animals.

Kumi’s Favorite CBD Dog Food Recipe

Organic Ingredients

  • sprinkle of orijen kibble
  • handful of sauteed cabbage
  • sprinkle of sauteed broccoli
  • handful of cucumber, cored and peeled
  • 1/4 sliced apple
  • handful of sauteed chicken
  • sprinkle golden flaxseed meal
  • sprinkle solid gold seameal
  • 1 dropperful (10 mg) of bare cbn 300 mg (or one of our other bare tinctures)
  • lots of love! 🖤

cbd dog food recipe

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