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Abhyanga Massage & Dry Brushing

Self-care is something we so often put on the backburner in our culture that glorifies the impossibly packed schedule and external (oftentimes superficial) accomplishments. Taking time to nurture yourself is essential for caring for your mental and physical health, as is slowing down and giving ourselves permission to not be [...]

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How to Reuse & Upcycle Our Packaging

How to Clean, Reuse, & Upcycle Our Packaging sustainability is part of the foundation in which we base all of our decisions at baceae. from our packaging to our ingredients— we seek out the most ethical, earth-friendly products to create and contain our creations. our motto is that what is [...]

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CBG for Skincare

you may know cbd for skincare is great, but have you tried out cbg? cbg or cannabigerol is referred to as “the mother of all cannabinoids” because ALL cannabinoids start as cbg. cannabinoids come from acids catalyzed by heat or uv light— a process called decarboxylation. cannabinoids, including cbg, interact [...]


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