hello summer! 🌞 the season of long days, sunshine, warmth, and outdoor fun is finally here. the biggest holiday of the summer is just around the corner— 4th of july! time for cookouts, fireworks, and celebrations. this time of year can be among our favorites, but can sometimes be stressful for our pets. loud sounds, travel, and crowds can sometimes bring our animals (and us humans too!) anxiety and restlessness. we’re here for you and your furry friend so that you can have a fun and stress-free summer with our bare tinctures for pets!

our pets are big fans of our 3 bare tinctures— cbd, cbg, and cbn. not only are they made with pure, organic, and simple ingredients, but they are safe for both human and animal consumption. all of our bare tinctures are infused with pure organic broad spectrum cannabinoids in organic olive oil from northern california to provide long lasting, full body & mind relief.

Bare Tinctures for Pets

which bare tincture is right for you and your pet?

bare cbd tincture helps to soothe anxiety, stress, alleviate pain, and promote feelings of well being and calm. this tincture is great for overall wellness for you or your pet and is excellent for daily usage.

bare cbg tincture provides an uplifting & energizing effect which promotes focus and mental clarity, improves mood, relieves anxiety, supports a healthy stress response—all without the sedation that can sometimes be caused by cbd. try bare cbg for your senior pet friend to give them a little pep in their step during your summer festivities.

bare cbn tincture is the most sedative cannabinoid and can be helpful for reducing insomnia, anxiety, and helps to reduce pain and inflammation. bare cbn can be especially soothing for the chronically anxious animal friend or those who are especially sensitive to travel or loud fireworks.

we hope your summertime is filled with fun and relaxation for you and your furry friends!

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