we are so proud to launch baceae/olea, our new line of organic olive oil based herbal cbd tinctures.

each tincture bottle contains 300 mg of cbd with 10 mg of cbd per one full dropper (1 ml). setting us apart from other available cbd tinctures, our tinctures are steeped in organic herbal blends containing 7-11 different herbs, meant to work with the cbd to enhance certain functions of the body or mind.

we are starting off with 4 herbal blend options:

calm, happy, inflame, and muscle rest.

each tincture is carried in cooc certified organic olive oil that you may already know has so many incredible benefits including benefiting the entire endocannabinoid system. plus it just tastes wonderful.

we hope you find the benefit in these tinctures as much as you do our confections.

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