what does it mean?

fair trade is a form of ethical and environmentally conscious production practices that focus on creating economic opportunities for deserving producers. this movement is based on the fundamental idea that as consumers, we have an opportunity to make conscious decisions toward a better world.

brands with a fair trade certified seal mean that they meet the social, environmental, and economic standards to qualify. some examples are:

  • safe working conditions
  • inclusive practices
  • environmentally conscious
  • sustainable livelihoods
  • fair pay
  • community development funds

why does it matter?

buying fair trade certified goods and products is an opportunity to support responsible companies and empower workers all over the world while protecting the environment. in other words, as a consumer, your purchases can help change the world.

the fair trade movement gives us an opportunity to ask the crucial questions about products and their production so we can make informed decisions and purchases.

to put it simply, fair trade promotes production that honors the environment while respecting the humanity and identity of farmers and workers. it supports and invests in the producers and their communities as a whole through social development, fair wages, and healthcare opportunities.

our continued efforts

ethically sourcing ingredients — whether it be through sustainability, environmental protection, or social responsibility — is how we are able to bring our values to life. we’re honored to associate with a brand that fully aligns with our beliefs. our goal is to ensure that we have only the most positive impact in the communities from which we source ingredients and, in turn, we’re able to offer our customers only the highest-quality products.

we believe all products — cannabis or not — should be made with ethically-grown, organic ingredients, and we source organic and fair trade-only when possible. we strive to ensure that we’re empowering the enriching environments of people who receive fair wages, are provided proper working conditions, and support sustainable practices that give back to the care and nourishment of our earth.

as a small company, it certainly isn’t an easy or inexpensive endeavor and requires a lot of research, thought, and consideration, but has been a commitment for us from day one. the challenges we face force us to think outside ourselves, and allow us to continually grow and improve.

we urge you to join us in our efforts to be considerate and thoughtful in our purchases. we’re built on a passion for preserving a healthy planet and its people, and we strive to pave a better way for the world through our continued efforts.

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