baceae bundles gives you an opportunity to consume broad spectrum cbd in a variety of ways with our recommended groupings. depending on your mood, goals or lifestyle, our baceae bundles will give you the opportunity to try something new, enjoy old favorites and expand your cbd repertoire, all while enjoying some extra savings.

bare tincture series

the bare series

our bare tincture series is lovingly crafted for both humans and animal use. there’s no better way to care for yourself and your beloved pet than to share in the nourishing properties of broad spectrum cannabis. this bundle contains one of each in any potency; bare cbd, bare cbg, and bare cbn. receive 20% off when you purchase the bare tincture series!

baceae deep focus and deep sleep cbd cbg cbn tincture deep tincture bundle

deep tincture bundle

our deep tincture bundle features deep focus cbg + cbd and deep sleep cbn + cbd tinctures—both designed with a specific blend of herbs complimented by broad spectrum cbd and either cannabinol or cannabigerol. receive 15% off when you purchase deep tincture bundle and invite the benefits of broad spectrum cannabidiol into your day and night!

baceae confection bundles 5 most popular confections

5 most popular confections

create your own popular confections bundle from your choice of our top 5 flavors! this is a delicious way to get to know our broad spectrum cbd confections and to enjoy them with others. enjoy 15% off your favorite cbd confections when you purchase popular confections bundle!

baceae bundles any 3 of our top tinctures

any 3 of our top tinctures

are you looking to try the best tinctures we offer? select any 3 of our top tinctures to start your broad spectrum cbd journey. this bundle is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a great value discount of 20% off when you bundle!

baceae bundles tincture topical and confection

confection, tincture, and topical bundle

create your own perfect blend with your choice of confection, tincture & topical bundle! select one cbd confection, one topical, and one tincture and receive 15% off the total amount.

baceae 10 case bundles

10+ case bundle

enjoy a certain confection, tincture or topical? our case bundle is for you. stock up on your favorites with a case of 10 and enjoy a 25% discount.