at baceae we believe all products, including those with cannabis, should be made with organic ingredients that are ethically grown. we ensure our sourced ingredients are certified organic and are products of the united states, canada, and if grown elsewhere, fair-trade certified. our cannabis is organic and sourced directly from farms in the united states. with respect for our planet, every one of our business decisions is made with sustainability in mind. our packaging is either 100% recycled or biodegradable.

since 2016, each creation we handcraft, we hope to eliminate any preconceived notions, fear or stigma about cannabis. allowing them to be approachable to all users regardless of experience or life styles, whether they are long time cannabis aficionados or completely new to the extraordinary power of the cannabis plant.



at baceae, we create ingredient first cannabis hemp products. we want you to enjoy the flavors, smells and sensation of the offerings first, then enjoy the cannabis.

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loves exploring the nature of reality, consciousness, and life after death. loves spending time with her boys, mike and kumi, meditating when she’s alone, and creating magic with alexis and daniel.



loves music, tea and spending time with family. loves to work with plants to experience the benefits they can provide.

Canine CEO


loves treats, long walks in cambria, sunbathing, and playing in the yard.
kumi is our official tester for all of our pet-friendly products (and loves it!)

Graphic Designer


loves spending time in nature with her husband and son, getting crafty (knitting, macrame, sewing, and more!), and doing stick’n’poke tattoos.