new year. new possibilities. it’s that time of year to reset new intentions. where we set new standards to improve the areas that need more fine tuning, and set new goals to create more nourishing products to those we serve and care for.

2018 was the busiest for us here by far and there wasn’t a day that went by ungrateful. because of your curiosity and interest in baceae, you’ve not only helped keep us going but you have also learned so much about cannabis, and may have benefited from enjoying our vegan confections here and there as well. but all in all, chocolates have been eaten, relaxed state has been instilled, and you may still be wondering how to pronounce, “baceae” and question, “what’s with the logo?” well, it’s 2019, and it’s time for you to finally know…baceae is pronounced, “bay-see” and comes from the root word of cannabaceae, which is the family of plants that cannabis falls under. If you look further on each package, under the word “baceae” you will find 3 seeds, the left is the coconut nut seed, the right is the cocoa seed, and the center is the cannabis seed. each seed represents the ingredients that are always incorporated in some form in each and every edible you enjoy.

now you know. there’s nothing we do that goes by without careful consideration and detailed thought and that’s why we are so excited to share what we have in store for 2019.

stay tuned. stay relaxed.

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