/20 should be for everyone.  even if you don’t want to get high or just want to balance out the thc of your #420holiday with non-psychoactive hemp, we want to make this special day special for everyone.

so until april 20th our entire store is priced 4/20!


12 piece collection = $42.0

any three 4 pc boxes = $42.0

any 10 mg single flavor = $4.20

any two 40 mg flavors = $14.20


all tinctures = $42.0


relieve + recover cream = $42.0

soothe + restore salve = $42.0

shine + seal lip balm = $14.20

visit baceae.com to start celebrating!

your last day to order to ensure you receive it by 4/20 is April 14th but the special continues until the big day!

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