experience edibles gives you an opportunity to experience your daily life in a new light. these edibles are well suited for day to day tasks. it’s with productive individuals in mind, these edibles are meant to keep you active and energized while bringing in those feelings of well-being and ease.  whether it’s social gatherings or at home organizing the closet, experience edibles are simple, portable, and delicious, conveniently allowing you to take in all your daily experiences with more relaxed awareness and ease.

good for:

  • cleaning or organizing

  • cooking at home

  • watching a show or concert

  • gardening in the yard

  • walking your dog

  • enjoying a day at the beach

  • spending the day with family & friends

peanut butter cups

a smooth layer of peanut butter is surrounded by high quality 66% dark chocolate. the classic any time treat recreated for adults.
Peanut Butter Cup Edibles - baceae Cannabis Confections
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients dark chocolate |
peanut butter |

chocolate tart

an oat and almond crust provide the foundation for high quality 66% dark chocolate. topped with dried raspberries
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients dark chocolate | oats | almonds | raspberries | cannabis

enhance edibles are best taken before your next workout or outdoor adventure. with sustenance and nutrition in mind, the ingredients inside enhance edibles are made with super foods rich in vitamins and minerals. these edibles also help in relieving some of those bodily aches so you can really focus and enhance your physicality while enjoying your daily workout. easy to throw into a backpack or gym bag, these treats are convenient and can be taken wherever your next adventure leads you to.

good for:

  • going for a walk

  • playing your favorite sport

  • trail running

  • resistance training

  • cardio at the gym

  • hiking to explore the world

  • yoga

granola bars

rolled oats, raisins, and pumpkin seeds come together with peanut butter and then dipped in high quality 66% dark chocolate.
Granola Bar Edibles - baceae Cannabis Confections
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients oats | raisins | dark chocolate | peanut butter | pumpkins seeds | cannabis

hemp bars

packed with plant based protein, each bar contains high amounts of iron and is filled with fiber and antioxidants from ingredients like hemp protein, hemp seeds, cacao nibs and chia seeds.
Hemp Bar Edibles - baceae Cannabis Confections
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients hemp seeds | hemp protein | chia seeds | cacao nibs | pumpkin seeds | cannabis

renew edibles are great for the end of your day when you are ready to slow things down, relax and renew. best taken as a treat after dinner as you sit back and bask into your nest of complete relaxation. with our proper serving sizes, renew edibles can be enjoyed with a small glass of wine, or a hot cup of tea, looking up at the stars, or snuggled on the couch with your squeeze.  these edibles are meant to prepare you for a good night’s rest after a long day of energetic activity.

good for:

  • watching tv shows & movies

  • reading a favorite book

  • listening to music

  • relaxing with friends & family

  • night yoga & meditation

  • stargazing

  • sleeping


a raw date and nut filling dipped in high quality 66% dark chocolate. each truffle is finished with a topping of either cacao nibs, pecans, or maldon salt.
Truffles Edible - baceae Cannabis Confections
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients dark chocolate | pecans | walnuts | medjool dates | cocao nibs | maldon salt | cannabis


a high quality 66% dark chocolate enrobes raw pecans and a date filling, finished with a little maldon salt to compliment and bring in all the rich flavors.
Turtle Edibles - baceae Cannabis Confections
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients dark chocolate | pecans | medjool dates | maldon salt | cannabis

strawberry bon bon

creamy 66% dark chocolate infused with dried strawberries coated in a shell of dark chocolate.  finished with a touch more strawberries.
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients dark chocolate | dried strawberries | cannabis

levitate edibles are for experienced users only. they are high potency edibles that should be taken carefully and in the right environment. best for those who use cannabis for medical purposes or those that want a much heavier, deeper and longer experience than our standard edibles. also made for those who have a higher tolerance and prefer to consume less calories in order to achieve their desired level of potency.

good for:

  • experienced users only

  • medical application

  • deep meditation

  • staying home on the couch

  • marathon tv watching

  • bbc planet earth

chocolate fudge

high quality 66% dark chocolate blended with chopped dried raspberries and then coated in cocoa powder, creating a rich amount of flavor and potency in a small package.
strain hemp
cbd 40 mg/serving
ingredients dark chocolate | cocoa powder | dried raspberries | cannabis

our collection options are crafted for a full day experience. our thc option provides 2 sativa options for the day and 2 indica options for the night, while our cbd option provides pure hemp cbd to be enjoyed at anytime of the day.
each box offers 1 each of our peanut butter cup, chocolate tart, turtle and truffle, providing you an easy way to enjoy a variety of our edibles in one box.  wonderful to share with friends so everyone can enjoy a treat and strain of their choice.

good for:

  • a full day of enjoyment

  • sharing with friends

  • sampling

  • building your own potency experience

cannabidiol collection

1 each of
peanut butter cup | chocolate tart
turtle | truffle
strain hemp
cbd 10 mg/serving
ingredients please see above for ingredients of each

how to enjoy our edibles to the fullest

our motto is eat 1 wait 2

1 piece is 1 serving
enjoy 1 serving, wait up to 2 hours for effects
repeat, if desired

for non-experienced edible consumers

wait a full 2 hours before ingesting additional servings

for best shape and consistency

keep in a cool, dry, dark place, ideally room temperature should be 60-70 degrees fahrenheit, and below 55% humidity. you do have the option to also refrigerate baceae edibles but it may change appearance of the chocolates.

products can last up to 6 months.

about our ingredients

food first edibles

baceae offers consumers with what we call "food first edibles". we believe edibles should not be intimidating, should have easy dosing and are created to allow the flavors to be enjoyed first and then the high. we have kept each serving of our edibles in a lower range, so each piece can be eaten in its entirety at any time of the day with complete control of how much cannabis is being ingested.

1 piece is 1 serving and 1 serving is 10 mg of cbd. simple.

organic & fair trade

we believe all food, edibles included, should be made with organic ingredients that are grown ethically. we ensure our sourced ingredients are certified organic and are products of the united states, canada and if grown elsewhere, fair-trade certified.


the only ingredient we apply heat to in our products is the chocolate we melt down and the cannabis coconut oil we make. we like the natural flavors plants have to offer in their raw form and feel there is no need to further cook if nature has already provided.


all of our products contain no animal products or by-products. our chocolate contains no dairy, but in full disclosure, is processed on the same equipment as milk chocolate.

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